Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Write Out Allergy Season

Now that flu and allergy season is upon us you can bet your bottom dollar Kleenex's revenues are up. And if you're like me, you buy those cute little packets of tissues because a runny nose needs all the cuteness it can stand; we won't go into sneezes, watery eyes, and the other symptoms because they're tacit. Yes, the big boxes are for bedside, kitchen and bathroom counters and the like, but who carries one around crammed into their Dooney & Bourke? Would you use old fashioned hankies if you could? I would except I'm not sure I want to walk around with slimy wet handkerchiefs in my bag or pockets. They'd cut down on waste and save millions of trees . . . but that's not what this is about. 

Or maybe just a little seeing as how I save these plastic packets because I am not a fan of plastic and what it does to the planet. Since plastics cannot be avoided entirely, a body can make creative  contributions by recycling what won't break down and morph into something useful. Take one of your Kleenex packets, fill it with fun goodies and a letter; include a return packet and wait for fun to happen. You're taking plastic out of circulation and making someone happy to know you.

Unfolded, the packet is roughly 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 so they meet the UPSP standards. I've gotten and mailed notecards that were smaller. Use clear tape for applying labels and make sure your stamps stick.  You might use a good eraser to roughen the surface before pressing your stamps on. A little burnishing helps. Glue is a no-no. Take extra care with washi tape too. 

If you're like me and want to play it safe with bar codes, place your address label on back. That way you'll cover the small print and the bar code, plus you'll have a prettier front for your recipient. You'll also inadvertently give Kleenex a little nod as payment for some free recyclable mail goodness. Personally, I wish they'd just use a sturdy stock.

So, you know I had to send one to my bestie, Patty, seeing as how she taught me most of what I know about mail art and recycling used mail. I included a Kleenex packet for her to play around with; it's one of my prettiest. And guess what! She did me one better.

See the lovely fall colors? 

She matched them and included goodies in pockets! She learned to fold the booklets from a Pamela Gerard . . . Well, you can read for yourself. Sorry. 

Here's a better shot of the inside pockets. There's room for lots of fun stuff and there's a little adhesive on the flap to keep the packet closed. You'll have to reinforce the outer edges to keep the postal snoops from reading your message. As if they would. (wink)

So, if allergy and flu season comes calling, and I hope you are immune to it all, instead of pretending you're not at home, do what nine out of ten doctors recommend . . . Write out the season! 

Crawl into bed with your favorite magazines, those empty Kleenex packets you saved, a glue stick, some tape, a pair of scissors, goodies galore, a pen, at least one or two sheets of sweet stationery, and stamps, and let your imagination off its leash! Wait until you see the one I'm working! 

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