Saturday, August 13, 2016

Olympics Fever

We're watching a lot of the Olympics these days and nights. Trying to keep abreast of my incoming mail isn't as difficult as one might think since a lap desk makes writing keeping-in-touch-while-the-Games-are-on mail enjoyable interludes. Flow's letter-in-an-envelope pages are ideal for such breaks. I never imagined using them when Flow first presented them. They just seem too small for American mail. I still worry that the Mangler will turn them into confetti, so please let me know if these itty bitty letters survive. I'll try to keep a list of who gets them. I'll be much obliged for a timely response. 

Guess what! It's raining!!! There's a storm around us. It's blessing us with little driblets of rain; every drop counts here. Satellite fails--meaning there's no Olympic moments to eyeball--speaking of which, mine are dry from too much awe and too few blinks. We can use a respite. And what do I do? I write blog posts. I should be doing laundry. The house needs a good vacuum. The fridge needs cleaning. So does my work area. All in due time. 

I want to tell you about this so bad I cannot wait. The Flow letter-in-an-envelope creates a 3-D effect that's so cool you want to share. The gray shadows really do make the images, ink and stamp pop. Wow! It's pouring! I wonder if the old gray man is snoring? Gotta go catch some rain! WTYL! (write to you later!)


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