Friday, August 19, 2016

Olympics Mail Homage

Confined to bed, learning to find good in being in recovery mode, and being glued to the television because you are crazy for the Olympics Games, the idea of capturing my own versions of events seemed like a grand idea. So I'm sketching to beat the end while the games are winding down. I have sketches to color of drawings I did for the sake of needing to draw. You know what I mean. It's known as multitasking. You won't be surprised by what you can do when you feel guilty over spending so much time watching tv. 

 I had to do pole vaulting. It's about as close to flying as an athlete can get without doing an Icarus. I still remember my Greek Mythology but a quick refresher via Google has convinced me to buy yet another copy of the mythologies. What I remember of the story is Icarus wanting to fly. I forgot about the labyrinth. The story combines myth with actual facts. Did you know? Poor Icarus. He should have listened to his daddy. I wonder if his daddy waited until winter to try flying again. I mean he could have tried again on a blustery,cold, sunless day. You know. Because the was wouldn't melt? Get it? (sigh)

That commercial with kids in a backyard pool playing Maro Polo was stuck in my head, so I couldn't resist a little play on . . . Never mind. I wonder who came up with the different events for the original games. I like the story about the fire starters. Fire bearers? What happened if it rained? You know the fire had to go out a few times. Ah, myth! The stuff of dreams and blog posts. 



Too bad the gold pole doesn't show well here. In my way of thinking, anyone who clears the painted bamboo poles is a winner. Oh, wait. That's the idea of pole vaulting! But anyway . . . Mail went out today despite more rain. 



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