Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bunting, Bunting, Who's Got the Bunting?

There is no such question, is there? I honestly believed it was a line from a nursery rhyme. Never mind. This post is still about fun bunting. I called it something quite different until Anna set me straight. And I grew up disliking bunting. Why? Since it's so much fun now? Well, I disliked it because we always had to untangle the Christmas bunting for my grandmother's tree. That mess was always tangled! And they gave the job to the children because the adults for sure didn't have the patience for it. So what made them think we did? I hated that angel hair stuff too. It was asbestos! They made that stuff forbidden because they didn't want to hear us whine while we scratched our itches, which was fine by me. Those poisonous decorations are still packed away in my grandmother's country closet. Surely the bunting has rotted and gone to the things-from-childhood's-past graveyard--all dust and detritus. (sigh) So, here's to a week's worth of bunting.

Bunting mail. Actual bunting. Shared bunting . . . A bunting a day will keep the dust buntings away. 

Sunday's Bunting Mail is destined to be posted on Monday. Monday's goes posting on Tuesday. Tuesday's heads out on Wednesday . . . Let's see if I can keep this up for seven days. Wait. I haven't even done the Thirteen Letters Challenge yet! A bit ahead of myself, huh? Perhaps, but I'm certainly not bored. Not much beats paper fun for keeping boredom at bay, until it gives up and goes away, for good. Or only until it comes back to spur a body onward and up!

Let us bunt together. Summer's the perfect bunting weather. Bunt on!

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